What is psychotherapy and what benefits can be obtained from it?

Psychotherapy aims to help individuals understand themselves better, and promote mental, emotional and social health. Psychotherapy can provide strategies for coping with psychological and relational challenges and personal growth.

What types of psychological disorders can be treated through psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy can be useful in treating a variety of disorders such as depression, anxiety, affective disorder, eating disorders, addictions, and emotional and behavioral disorders in children and adolescents.

How can psychotherapy help me treat addiction?

Psychotherapy can help understand the deeper reasons behind addiction and deal with the psychological factors that support addictive behavior. Psychotherapy provides strategies to control cravings and promote recovery.

How can I start psychotherapy?

You can start psychotherapy by contacting the psychotherapy center or specialist and setting up a counseling session. The specialist will evaluate your condition and provide the necessary steps for appropriate treatment.

Can children and teens benefit from psychotherapy?

Yes, children and adolescents can greatly benefit from psychotherapy, as it provides them with the necessary support to deal with psychological and emotional difficulties and enhance their personal and emotional development.

Does psychotherapy take too long to be effective?

The duration of psychotherapy depends on the condition and specific goals. In many cases, psychotherapy can already have a positive effect in a short period of time, but some may require a longer period to achieve the desired results.