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Anger Management

Anger Management


Control of impulse, self-awareness, meditation, breathing techniques, relaxation strategies

Although anger is a normal emotion, all of us may experience high emotional feelings of anger from time to time, but when an individual has difficulty controlling these feelings and finds that anger interferes with his ability to maintain healthy relationships with others or leads to tension and dissatisfaction in some aspects of his personal life, then this intense anger can create an emotional barrier that prevents individuals from participating happily in many areas of life.

There is nothing wrong in meeting anger, but anger or uncontrolled anger is a sign that a person should seek specialized support to deal with the source of volatile emotion and find healthy ways to deal with it.
Exposure to extreme anger is an evolutionary response that may lead to external behaviors that can includeviolent physical and verbal behaviors that some may exhibit such as aggression. It becomes a disorder that requires participation in one of the types of anger management treatments to find out how to calm these emotional responses. The treatment of anger control means learning mechanisms and steps to help keep calm and deal with tense situations in a positive and constructive way.

The purpose of our anger management programs is to help the person to thank and minimize the emotional and physical signal that can result from exposure to extreme anger. It is generally impossible to avoid the factors that incite this type of emotion. But with our advisory and guidance intervention you will receive the appropriate support from specialists to develop your personal skills, control your responses and respond in a socially appropriate manner. Therapeutic program includes acquiring skills to slow down your reaction in anger situations, helping you determine the cause of your feelings and deal with them.