Game of Thrones: A close up look at the background of the most followed, most addictive, most provoking anthology

People go back to their inherent traits and instincts of sex and violence. A lot of people have lately felt attracted to watching gore and violent scenes which is what Game of Thrones is rich in. People tend to use violence when they feel threatened. They feel the need to protect themselves and their offspring and family. Game of Thrones highlights that idea through each of the 7 family groups portrayed: for example, the Stark’s and Lannister’s violent mishaps with one another during the early seasons. Another example is Cersei’s use of such violence to destroy anyone who stood between her son and the crown.

Freedom in sexual behavior is another component in people’s need to express themselves sexually without limitations or boundaries. It is a sort of “free speech”. People like to have the freedom in choosing partners in this day and age. Sexual expression in 2019 has become a very popular topic and Game of Thrones addresses this sexual freedom overtly. The show still portrays punishments associated with the sexual freedom but shows how characters still follow their desires when it comes to their sexual orientation and pleasure.

Another factor would be the role of women. How they rise up and take big roles like rulers of realms and cities. They get the chance to be on the iron throne even with other male candidates around. One of the strongest females in Game of Thrones is Khaleesi. She is portrayed as someone who would soon rule the 7 kingdoms which is my prediction for this upcoming and last season. She is an example of strong “bad ass” woman. She has overcome the cruelty of her brother who sold her to gain power and gold. She went through the loss of her husband who was her biggest supporter. She has risen to power by her determination and fairness, She is a beloved character and the most popular.

The struggle for people is an example of what’s happening in the world today. It provokes thinking about who rises to power and why. It focuses on the influence of monarchies and the disappearance of democracy and its effect on the wellbeing of the people. The power struggle is the biggest component of how people relate this show to the real world. All of the 7 houses are fighting to get to the iron throne. They all want to get to highest level so that they would have the power over all of the people in this fictional world. The fight has started from season 1 until the end of the last season. In this last season, we will discover who is the fittest of them all. It is the most intriguing question that has kept the audience of this show on their toes since it begun.

The development and progression of characters offer a sense of complexity. The plot and scene evokes a sense of curiosity and frustration which grabs the attention of the watcher. It provides a more intellectual way of thinking and forces people to ponder about what the relation of things and how they are developing. Throughout the show people keep getting frusterated  by seeing the bad ones do many bad things without getting caught or punished. Because that frustration is hardly released, people keep watching the show hoping that the bad guys will get punished specifically when Joffrey  (the son of Cersei) took the iron throne. He was the most vile character presented in the show. He has risen so high in power that people didn’t think he would meet his end the way he did, this was the part that made people curious the most.

These characters still go through regular mental issues in an indirect way. It portrays personality disorders, PTSD and even psychopathy in the characters presented. For example, Arya having PTSD. She has been traumatized by witnessing the death of her father though execution and seeing her brother being dragged in the street after his death. Arya is full if of rage and has developed a sense of vengeance on the world. She now hunts and kills those who infest the earth as a way of cleaning the world from the worst people. Joffrey would be the biggest example of someone who has psychopathy. He lacks empathy and is very manipulative. He enjoys making people suffer and has been obsessed with power. He has gained a lot of influence over the people by being charming and manipulative. His mother Cersei would be a great example of someone who has a narcissistic personality as she views herself as being better than everyone. She has allowed her son to go to extreme lengths to get what he wants in the most barbaric ways. These characters all exhibit various family issues, focus on the role of the two genders and the different environmental influences on these characters. It also feeds a little bit on the biggest psychological question about nature vs nurture.

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